Quinine derivatives are mainly being used as ant malarial. Due to resistance developed in species of plasmodium other class of medicines are used as a combination.
Sr. No Ingredient(s) Brand Name Dosage Form Strength Packing
1 Artemether + Lumefantrine Havax Tablet 20mg + 120mg, 80mg + 480mg 10’s Blister
2 Artemether + Lumefantrine Havax Suspension 180mg + 1080mg 60ml
3 Dihydroartemisin Zotin Suspension 160mg 60ml
4 Dihydroartemisin + Piperaquine Dacxin Tablet 40mg + 320mg 10’s Blister
5 Sulphadoxine + Pyrimethamine Stalfin Suspension 250mg + 12.5mg 60ml
6 Sulphadoxine + Pyrimethamine Stalfin Tablet 500mg + 25mg 10’s Blister
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