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Nutraceutical word is derived from two words that ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical. Nutraceuticals products are procured from herbal products, nutrients, and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages other than medicines. Nutraceuticals products are used for nutritional treatment; it is a substance that protects against chronic diseases.

Nutraceuticals are a vital source of nutritional supplement for improving health, for the anti-aging process, increasing life expectancy, and to support the body functions. Nowadays, Nutraceuticals have become a vital source due to their potential nutritional, safety, and therapeutic effects. Nutraceuticals provide promising results in the treatment of several diseases.

Nutraceutical companies in India

Nutraceutical products are dietary supplements that contain minerals, vitamins, amino acids, botanical herbs, and many other natural elements. Dietary supplement increases the daily intake of nutrients and metabolism for the proper functioning of the body.

Nutraceutical products are functional foods to provide proper nutrition to the human body it boosts the immune system. Nutraceuticals are concentrated in the form of liquids, capsules, powder, and pills. These products work as antioxidants and safeguard mitochondrial integrity. Nutraceuticals Companies in India, Nutraceuticals Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Nutraceutical Manufacturer in Gujarat | Nutraceutical Product Exporters in India, Nutraceuticals are a healthy source to prevent life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, renal and gastrointestinal disorders, and other infections.

Diva healthcare has contributed a lot in manufacturing nutraceutical products since 2016, in India. Diva healthcare is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of nutraceutical products in various countries throughout the globe. We offer a wide range of nutraceutical products that have cured several diseases. Nutraceutical products help the immune system to utilize the nutrients and proteins for the proper functioning of the body. Diva healthcare has saved many lives through nutraceutical products. Nowadays, people are relying more on nutraceutical products as they don’t have any side effect, and don’t need any prescription of the doctors. The structure of Nutraceutical companies is growing day-by-day due to many reasons such as;

  • Usually, people with a busy schedule don’t have time to have a balanced meal plan; therefore they prefer to have nutraceutical products to fulfill their nutritional needs. Nutraceutical products are easy to carry wherever you are in schools, pockets, briefcases, and can be consumed at any time. 
  • Nutraceutical companies are increasing day by day due to the rising consumer awareness. Nowadays, consumers are more aware of chemicals present in medication, which cause unwanted side effects, due to which they are switching towards nutraceutical products that are free from side effects and don’t have any chemical content. 
  • Nutraceutical companies are increasing as body image concern is not merely a western concern; it has become a major concern for Indian men and women today. Nowadays, factors such as body weight, glowing skin, diet, and overall appearance have become a major concern for people residing in India. Nutraceutical companies are best in serving their requirements.

Moreover due to these many reasons nutraceutical companies have flooded the Indian market. Diva healthcare has made it possible for the residents to differentiate between what is real and fake. It has fine products and has stood upon the needs of individuals for many years, and working to achieve higher and for the upcoming needs of people of India as well as outside India.

A vast range of Nutra products

Acai – 100 Mi
Co-Enzyme Qi0 – 200 Mg
Black Cohosh – 540 Mg.
Bovin Colostrum
Calcium Aspartate – 560 M
Cholecalciferol – 60000 IU
Cinnamon – 1000 Mg
Cissus Quadrangularis Extract – 500 Mg
Cla – 1000 Mg_
B-Complex With L-Lysine Syrup
Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals Syrup
Bilberry – 500/1000 Mg
Bioactive Collagen Peptide
B-Complex With Multivitamin And Zinc Syrup
Beta Carotene D Alpha Di Alpha Tocopherol
Antioxidants With Multivitamins & Minerals
Biotin, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals & Natural Extracts
Biotin, Minerals And Amino Acid
Blend Of Extract Of Scutellaria Baicalensis & Acacia Catechu – 250 Mg
Co-Enzyme Q 10, Omega 3, Arginine, Alpha L.Acid, Vit. E, Selenium, Meco & Lycopene

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